The Umbrella Academy season 1, episode 2 review: Run Boy Run


Mysteries continue to unravel in episode 2 of The Umbrella Academy, as a deeper look into Number Five’s adventure in the apocalyptic future juxtaposes some insights in the present.

On The Umbrella Academy, “Run Boy Run” features a change of tactics in Number Five’s mission to change the future, a deeper look into the other siblings, and a few revelations into the two ongoing mysteries.

Number Five’s New Ally

The previous The Umbrella Academy episode ended with Number Five attempting to confide in his sibling Vanya, which didn’t end quite how he’d like. Episode 2 shows him trying to go solo in his quest to prevent what will end the world. Which, due to his stature as a young teen despite his aged mind, also ends in failure.

Five finds himself allying with Klaus in a team up that looks like it fail miserably, but surprisingly goes well. Giving a deeper look into the character of Klaus and showcasing that despite his shortcomings, due to his addiction, he can be of use to the others. Albeit in unorthodox ways.

A Deeper Look At Each Sibling

Klaus isn’t the only sibling given more character insight in “Run Boy Run” as Diego, Allison, Luther, and Vanya all have moments that help express more of their character and where they stand as people.

Diego, who was painted as more of a jerk, to say the least, in the first episode is revealed to be more of a people person, as he’s very casual with others and vice versa. Exposing that he actually does have a more likable personality under all that gruff, but due to his fixation with remaining a superhero that is not shared by the others he maintains animosity with his siblings.

Luther, the mission driven sibling, accepts a bit of humility through the episode. Throughout the first and the last he seems like a person more caught up in his own perspective and proving he’s right to the others. Whereas in this episode he actually accepts he could be wrong and is open to making amends in order to keep his family together.

Allison reveals a sharper side of her personality in this episode as well, though it is understandable as she’s a mother trying to be with her daughter its a distinct contrast from her portrayal in the first episode as a more emotionally open character.

Especially toward Vanya whom after an encounter with Allison that ends harshly reveals more of why she’s so recluse. As she was the only non special member of the family she was kept from interacting with the others growing up. Making her demeanor with the others and in life more understandable, as she pretty much felt alone or shunned all her life.

Developments For Both Mysteries

The last major aspect that takes place in this episode are the revelations into both the plaguing mysteries.

Number Five looks more into a synthetic eye and is stumped to discover that it hasn’t been manufactured by its company yet. In a roadblock that seems to stop his development. We also are given a hint that his mind may indeed be affected by his time travel excursion within the episode, making it hard to tell if he actually is the hero we need currently.

A development that spells trouble, since two new characters, Hazel and Cha-Cha, seem to be working against him directly and are willing to kill to protect their mysterious mission.

On the other hand, Luther is informed by Allison that he may indeed have been fight about their father’s death and that she has found proof for his theory.

Everything culminates with a standoff between Luther and frustrated Number 5, in which it is revealed that Number 5’s mysterious eye was the last thing held by Luther in the future, and that the event will take the lives of Luther, Allison, Diego, and Klaus.

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“Run Boy Run” keeps a good amount of suspense for the hook, regarding the mysterious circumstances, surrounding the show thus far. There’s much to be explained still but the build up for the rest of the season is well established in this episode.