The Punisher: Characters and stories we won’t see on Netflix

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Image Source: Comixology Digital Comics, The Punisher

What characters and stories we’ll miss due to The Punisher getting canceled?

Netflix’s The Punisher season 2 improved on a lot of things that were wrong with season 1. While it had its flaws, the show was heading in the right direction. We saw a Frank Castle that cared for someone while remaining ruthless. This improvement made him more than just a killer. Especially since season 2 ended with Frank Castle embracing being the Punisher meant that he’d be doing a lot more punishing. Unfortunately, The Punisher met the same fate as Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Daredevil and was prematurely cancelled.

The Punisher was met with mixed reviews but was overall a success. The main flaw seemed to be that the fans didn’t care about the story revolving around the man we can’t call Jigsaw or his scarring. Thankfully, the relationship between Frank and Amy made up for it. Their relationship was heartwarming. Then there was John Pilgrim was flat out phenomenal.

It’s sad to see that the series wasn’t given a chance to gain momentum. Especially considering all the stories and characters that we won’t get to see. Here are the best stories and characters that would have been successful if given a chance.