The Punisher: Characters and stories we won’t see on Netflix

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Image Source: Comixology Digital Comics


There were a lot of villains in the Punisher’s life, but none of them could hold a candle to Barracuda. On the surface, he seems like an idiot. A mistake people end up regretting. Barracuda is great planner and the most ruthless person Frank Castle has ever faced. The Russian might have been a better fighter, but he didn’t have the smarts of Barracuda.

Since he was in the army, it helped Barracuda fight Punisher on a military level. Something Castle isn’t used to. Punisher even said he was a man after his own heart the way Barracuda kept an arsenal of weapons.

This could have been one hell of a season. Punisher would have spent the entire series fighting and losing to him making Barracuda’s eventual defeat extremely satisfying. Their fight scenes would have been brutal and legendary. The season would have shown flashbacks of Barracuda during his time in the military trafficking drugs making him hated.

However, the story of being abused by his father and being picked on at an early age would have explained how he ended up this way. Barracuda could have rivaled Wilson Fisk in Daredevil. He’s that good.