The Punisher: Characters and stories we won’t see on Netflix

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

The Slavers

This was the most difficult The Punisher story to read. It starts with Punisher finding a woman who was shooting at a guy who made her a sex slave. Once the Punisher hears her story, he goes after them with a fury we’ve never seen from him. When everything was said and done, he sent anyone else who’d try this again a message. He started recording a video, looked into the camera and said, “Don’t come back here,” and lit their leader on fire.

Castle sent the recording with a crooked detective to deliver the tape and he knew that this wouldn’t stop everyone, but it would halt some.

More than the story about the sex slaves was the crooked cops on the payroll of the slave traders. For years the police in New York turned a blind eye to the Punisher. He killed the scumbags that they couldn’t. A crooked detective had the idea to make it look like Castle was attacking cops. With this lie, the entire police force started hunting him. This adds a B-story to the season. It would also be fun to see Punisher punish criminals while avoiding law enforcement.