The Punisher: Characters and stories we won’t see on Netflix

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Image Source: Comixology Digital Comics

Valley Forge

Every classic story should have a memorable ending. Writer Garth Ennis started this series and for the first few arcs gave you all of the stories and characters you needed to know about going forward. As the series was winding down, he started wrapping everything up. All of the villains were dead or dealt with except for 8 military men. These guys created a terrorist cell so they could use for their personal gain later. Punisher had proof of this but didn’t go after them because they were military. Once the commander of the unit hired to kill Castle found out what they were up to, he gave Punisher the means to kill them.

This series could have been all about the government going after Frank because he knows about their secrets. Punisher fighting Marines and not killing them would have been great TV. How could he creatively defend himself without doing too much damage? Also, the ending with Frank walking away could have been a perfect send-off. Castle would have remained the Punisher, but he tied up all the loose ends. There’s only one ending that would have been better than this.