Four Spider-Men we want to see in a Spider-Verse sequel

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WESTWOOD, CALIFORNIA – DECEMBER 01: Atmosphere at the World Premiere Of Sony Pictures Animation And Marvel’s “Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse” at Regency Village Theatre on December 01, 2018 in Westwood, California. (Photo by Presley Ann/Getty Images)

1. May Parker / Spider-Girl

This one is pretty exciting considering the story told in Spider-Man into the Spider-Verse, so let’s recap that narrative a little. The Peter Parker we know and love dies, and soon after he’s replaced with Peter B. Parker, a version of the hero who seemed to give up on almost everything. He lost aunt May and even divorced Mary Jane. Things were not looking good for him until that Super Collider transported him to Miles world and, well, you know the rest.

Peter got back up as every Spider-Man does, saved the day and went back to his own dimension. Once there, he met Mary Jane, leading us to believe they both reconciled.

Now, what would happen if Peter and Mary Jane got married again and even have a daughter with superpowers?  Yes, we’ve already seen Peter B. Parker trying to act as a paternal figure in the first movie, so getting to see that arc again would not be that much interesting. But what about getting to be the daughter of a super-hero and trying to fill his shoes?

Now that could be really interesting if done in the Spider-Man way. We could see her try to become more and more like her dad, only for her to fail and stop trying. Eventually, she could decide to be her own kind of hero. Not trying to meet anyone’s expectations, but to save the world only because it’s the right thing to do, and not because of any sort of relationship to her dad. That way, the heart of the story would be behind accepting who you are, without trying to force yourself into being like someone else.

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