Marvel Cinematic Universe: Five things Phase Four needs

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

5. A Villain Movie Franchise

So far in the MCU, each movie has been about the superheroes. Avengers: Infinity War did focuse on Thanos and is about the closest the MCU has been to making a movie about the villain. Although, no matter how much screen-time Thanos received, the movie was always about the Avengers. Infinity War gave Thanos a real motive and while as ridiculous as it was, fans could at least see where he was coming from. Therefore, imagine if Marvel created a movie franchise solely about the villains?

Marvel Studios has talked about making something similar to this idea before. Spider-Man seems like he will eventually take on the Sinister Six in his third solo movie. Kevin Feige has even talked about the Dark Avengers and the Thunderbolts potentially being in the works since both of these teams already have characters in the MCU or coming to it soon like Ghost, Thunderbolt Ross or Norman Osborn.

A villain team-up could potentially be the most likely to happen, however, a solo movie could be an interesting take. Before the Disney buyout of Fox, 20th Century was working on a Doctor Doom solo movie. Perhaps once Marvel can use these characters again, this movie can continue in its development because nothing is better than a good villain. A character fans can and want to route for despite their actions being morally wrong is always entertaining.