Marvel Cinematic Universe: Five things Phase Four needs

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2. Atlantis

For years, fans having been begging Marvel Studios to give Black Widow her own movie after her role in Iron Man 2. Shortly after, D.C. Comics and Warner Bros. went on to create Wonder Woman and prove that female superheroes can be very successful movies. Likewise, fans have been urging Marvel to work out a deal to get Namor the Submariner into the MCU. Once again, D.C. beat them to the punch and made over a billion dollars with Aquaman.

Now in phase four, Marvel is finally getting a Captain Marvel and Black Widow movie. Although, Marvel shouldn’t stop there on their comeback trail. In Iron Man 2, there is a map in the background during a conversation with Nick Fury and Tony Stark that have areas that SHIELD were monitoring. Some of these plot points have panned out such as Black Panther in Wakanda, however, another one in the Atlantic Ocean hasn’t been discovered yet.

While this plot point is most likely Atlantis, the rights to Namor are tricky. It’s generally believed that Marvel can use Namor in team-up movies, however, there are no rights to the use of Atlantis. Marvel should at least start to name drop the fictional place. It’s the one last thing that would bring the universe together. For example, Marvel will continue to go cosmic. The Mutants, X-Men, Deadpool and the Fantastic Four are on there way back. There are already gods, celestials, different realms and mystical arts. An underwater kingdom seems appropriate.