Uncanny X-Men: What we do and don’t need from the new series

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

Don’t: Need Professor Xavier leading the X-Men

Ever since the end of House of M, we’ve seen that Professor Xavier is the jerk Kitty Pryde said he was. He hid a third Summers brother from Cyclops and Havok (Deadly Genesis), and we found out he was another person who used Wolverine as a weapon and erased his memory (Wolverine Origins: “Original Sin”). You’d figure he’d learn his lesson after the X-Men disowned him and he died, but he didn’t. He returned in a new body he stole from Fantomex and erased the memory of his existence (Astonishing X-Men). He even said he has a new dream.

With the direction the Uncanny X-Men are currently heading, Xavier stepping in as the leader wouldn’t work. Bringing back Xavier as the leader or father figure of the X-Men is a step backwards. Cyclops and Kitty Pryde are the present and future, and it should stay that way. Hopefully Xavier’s new dream makes him their new villain. With everything we’ve learned from Xavier recently, he fits that role perfectly. The X-Men could use some new villains, so why not their mentor? “You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”