Five plot twists that can turn Captain Marvel upside down

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Marvel Studios’ CAPTAIN MARVEL..L to R: Captain Marvel (Brie Larson), Leader of Starforce (Jude Law) and Att-Lass (Algenis Perez Soto)..Photo: Chuck Zlotnick..©Marvel Studios 2019

It appears that nothing is what it seems in the upcoming Captain Marvel. With so many potential plot twists to choose from, let’s see how the film could shock audiences and change the Marvel Cinematic Universe forever.

Captain Marvel is the start of a new era for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Sure, it comes before Avengers: Endgame, but Carol Danvers’ debut may change the landscape of the franchise as we know it. Not only will it introduce new characters and villains, but its plot could provide hints about the future of the Avengers, and twists that audiences may not see coming.

Captain Marvel is a prequel to the current-day MCU. It will tell the story of Carol Danvers, a US Air Force pilot who mysteriously becomes the mighty Captain Marvel. Caught in an alien war between the Kree (see Guardians of the Galaxy) and the shape-shifting Skrulls, Carol must prevent their war from consuming the Earth.

The film boasts both a ’90s period piece and cosmic adventure unlike what fans have seen before. Seeing as the film affects most corners of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, let’s see if we can predict some of the film’s inevitable plot twists.

Jude Law Is Yon-Rogg

The first plot twist we want to discuss is likely the most obvious. Jude Law is supposedly playing Carol Danvers’ super-powered mentor, but his role has never been officially specified. The description fits that of the original Captain Marvel, Mar-Vell. For many years, Mar-Vell kept Carol under his wing until she replaced him in the comics circa 2012. It doesn’t sound like a role that requires any secrecy. However, Jude Law has been especially dodgy when it comes to providing further details.

His secrecy suggests that his role might involve a plot twist. The prevailing theory is that he is actually playing classic Captain Marvel villain Yon-Rogg. Yon-Rogg is one of Marvel’s many cosmic baddies, but he has been Captain Marvel’s archnemesis for decades. Wouldn’t it make sense to work him into the plot? Even from the film’s marketing, everything we’ve learned about Law’s character suggests he is a villain — or a sketchy-looking good guy, at the very least.

For starters, he appears as the leader of Starforce. Starforce is a team of villains from the comics, so that’s serious red flag. The Starforce uniform even sports Yon-Rogg’s traditional costume color scheme. Although Carol is a member of the team too, all of the other members are comic book villains. Her allegiance will likely change throughout the course of the film, but where does that leave Jude Law’s character?

The film’s Funko Pop toy line features a Yon-Rogg figure that wears a Starforce uniform. Suspiciously, the figure sports the Starforce helmet so that his face is mostly obscured. Did Funko base this figure on Law’s character, but hide his face to leave his role ambiguous? Ben Mendelsohn plays Talos, the leader of the Skrulls and the film’s official villain, but we’re willing to bet that he isn’t the only one.

Update: Spoiler warning — during the writing of this article, Marvel seemingly confirmed Law’s role. To make things glaringly obvious, the Captain Marvel tie-in comic Starforce on the Rise does address Law’s character as Yon-Rogg. The tie-in comics sometimes contradict the MCU films, but this sounds like a dead giveaway.