Five plot twists that can turn Captain Marvel upside down

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Fury Is A Skrull

Since the movie involves alien shape-shifters, it sounds like Captain Marvel won’t know who to trust. That goes for Nick Fury as well, as Samuel L. Jackson may have accidentally revealed a potential plot twist. Although nothing is confirmed, Jackson posted a photo on Instagram last year that suggests he may appear as a Skrull.

The image depicts Jackson in the middle of the lifecasting process, covered in green molding for a body double. Lifecasting creates realistic, three-dimensional models of a person, mainly used for film and television special effects. Why would Captain Marvel require a double for Nick Fury?

It’s possible that a Skrull will take the appearance of Nick Fury, even if it only happens for a brief moment. This would warrant a realistic mold that can be altered with practical effects and makeup, especially if Skrull-Fury gets injured. This would make for a perfect plot twist — who better to be an alien impostor than the only character fans know they can trust? Fury is one of the few “good” characters in the film that audiences are familiar with, so nobody would suspect him.

Of course, the body double could just act as a canvas for some extensive makeup on the Fury we know and love. For example, if his eye-scar is particularly gruesome, depicting it might require a lifecast to create convincingly. Still — and maybe we’re reading into this too much — it would make perfect sense for Fury to reveal himself as a Skrull in a game-changing twist.