Five plot twists that can turn Captain Marvel upside down

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The Skrulls Infiltrate Earth

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe prepares to complete the Thanos Saga, the franchise will need a new threat to loom over the heroes. There are plenty of classic villains to choose from, but the Skrulls seem like the perfect candidates. Captain Marvel will almost certainly win the day in her own solo film… but what if she doesn’t? The Skrulls will likely survive Captain Marvel and continue to hide among humans on Earth.

This twist will probably arrive in an after-credits scene to tease their presence in future films. How they survive is still unclear, audiences may experience the ramifications of this sooner rather than later. Early rumors for Avengers: Endgame (initially reported by That Hashtag Show) claimed that Hawkeye will be hunting Skrulls in Tokyo, taking on a new superhero mantle as Ronin.

Endgame marketing confirms Hawkeye’s identity with a new costume, and trailers do appear to place Hawkeye in an Asian setting. Marvel has not confirmed whether he is actually hunting Skrulls. Even if Skrulls don’t appear in the next Avengers film, the comics set quite precedent for their survival.

Marvel’s Secret Invasion tells the story of the Skrulls’ successful infiltration of Earth — an event so huge that even some of the Avengers turned out to be themselves. This storyline is pretty beloved as far as Marvel’s events go, and it would make perfect sense for the studio to bring this concept to the MCU. Captain Marvel can act as their introduction, but the next Avengers movie might have the heroes all pointing fingers to figure out who is secretly a Skrull.

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Of course, Marvel might have other plot twists up their sleeves, but if Captain Marvel will lead the next class of Avengers, it only makes sense for the thread of the Skrulls to carry into future films.