Deadly Class season 1, episode 7 review: I Against I


The latest episode of Deadly Class might be the gnarliest one yet.

If you’re into shows about teenagers learning how to become assassins, boy have I got a review for you. After being a celebrated comic for years, Deadly Class finally got it’s shot on the small screen and it’s been doing a bang-up job so far.

Produced by Rick Remender, writer of the comic, with additional producing from the artist, Wes Craig, so far the show has run a pretty clean parallel with the illustrated series, adding in a couple characters to flesh the story out a little more. We’ve seen a lot of blood and ninjas and razor-fans, but this is the first episode where we get a full-on disemboweling, and that should mean something nowadays.

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Deadly Class brings Chester’s psychopathy to light all too well

Last episode, Chester found Marcus and threatened him and his whole group of friends, since he found Chico’s body in Vegas. Marcus comes clean to Saya about who Chester is to him, with the animated flashback of the episode centering on Marcus’ life before he was homeless, after his parents died.

Marcus was living in an orphanage, sewing clothes in a sweatshop environment, with brutal guards and an evil boss. Chester bullies him often, but one day Marcus makes a bomb and blasts Chester and some guards with it, sending hundreds of sewing needles into their flesh, causing the damage to Chester’s face. Marcus ran away, and Chester killed everyone and burned it to the ground, creating the reputation that got Marcus into King’s Dominion. To avoid the Chico blackmail, Marcus and Saya decide to be proactive and kill Chester before he can cause any trouble.

In Deadly Class, it takes a killer to find a killer

After Chester babbles at Chico’s decapitated head and we learn that Chester has a Manson/Texas Chainsaw Massacre family sort of thing going on, including Brian Posehn‘s stoner character, he treats them harshly, pushing his cousin’s head into a recently used toilet. Maria has a lot of pressure on her from Chico’s family to find his killer. Willie gets closer to the girl he met in the last episode, and talks about coping with his father’s death. Marcus and Saya decide to free French Stewart‘s psycho teacher character, the Scorpio Slasher, so that he can help them track Chester.

After finding Billy and escaping the school grounds, they head to eat burritos and ice cream, with the Slasher being a real hoot; French Stewart plays a murderous weirdo very well. He ends up using his insight into killers’ minds to lead them to a pet shelter, where Chester and his crew are about to kill a random lady. The Slasher disembowels Chester’s cousin, in a completely gratuitous scene, and Chester gets away.

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Master Lin’s sister finds out he was hiding his daughter’s existence from her, and makes threats about sending her to the temple she was sent to when she was a child. Willie and his lady friend sleep together, but Willie gets a beeper message and leaves, arguing with her about responsibilities. Maria gets talked to by Chico’s father and brother, and ends up murdering some Yakuza people in retribution for Chico’s death, on his father’s orders. All in all, it was one of the better episodes, likely due to the fantastic comedic presence French Stewart brings to his roles. Let us know what you thought in the comments section below.