Wolverine Origins is the perfect starting point for new readers

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History with classic characters

Logan spent most of his life not knowing which of his memories were real or manufactured. Once he got them back, he knew what really went on in his life. One of those stories was even told in Uncanny X-Men No. 268. It was the time Logan met Captain America and Natasha Romanova (Black Widow)  back during World War II. As it turns out, Logan knew Widow before then. Logan had a huge hand in training her to fight at an extremely young age. She wouldn’t be as good as she is without help from Logan (who she called Little Uncle). This story also leads readers to finding out the real reason Steve Rogers hates Logan.

After Logan and Cap originally met, while “saving” Natasha, Logan was later told to go meet Cap again. This time, his mission was to see if Captain America could be turned into a Hydra agent. If not, his orders were to kill him. Logan was later given another order to make sure Baron Strucker escaped after almost being captured by Cap and Bucky. Later, Logan was seen on the same side as Baron Strucker and Baron Zemo (these guys loved being Barons). They ordered him to kill Captain America. The two fought, but Logan didn’t tell the Barons that Bucky was alive and waiting to shoot them. The Baron’s escaped, and Logan was left unconscious and with Steve Rogers hating him.