Wolverine Origins is the perfect starting point for new readers

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In conclusion, Logan is one the more complex characters in comic books. The movies may have portrayed him as less than what he is, but those are just the movies. Anyone who wants a real look into Wolverine should check out Wolverine Origins by Daniel Way. The writing is superb and all of the artists do an amazing job. There are also cameos by some of Logan’s rogue gallery and we meet Romulus. Someone who makes Magneto and Red Skull’s time as a villains look frail in comparison.

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Wolverine Origins is one of the best Wolverine stories ever written. It’s 50 issues worth of storytelling that gives a beginning to explain what the story is about, a middle so you can see what Wolverine needs, and a satisfying ending to cap off everything we read. If the story stopped without a resolution, it would have seemed like a pointless journey. What we were given is a complete tale of how Logan really felt about his past, present, and future. He was no longer scared to live his life. While he hated his past, he was ready to move on and continue to be a better person and hero.