Dark Phoenix: What chance does each X-Man have of survival?

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Everyone loves Nightcrawler. His positive attitud,e despite the way he’s treated, makes people happy. Plus, he looks like a stuffed doll you would win at a carnival. Those reasons alone would make his death memorable. It’s one thing when a hated character dies. It’s another when it’s someone loveable. Nightcrawler is an important part of the X-Men in the comic books, but he is replaceable in the movies. Nightcrawler is usually the voice of reason and morality on the X-Men. Don’t be shocked if he dies trying to tell Jean Grey she isn’t evil. His death could be the tipping point that turns Jean from good to evil.

Chance of death: 70%

Professor Xavier

In X-Men: The Last Stand, Professor Charles Xavier was killed by Jean Grey. He was trying to stop her from losing control of her powers, and Jean ended up destroying her mentor. Professor Xavier has been an important part of the X-Men franchise, and James McAvoy has been one of the best actors in any comic book project. This could be the perfect time to give him a fond farewell. There will almost definitely be a moment where Xavier and Jean have a telepathic battle, and Jean will win. Xavier is too proud to live and fight another day and this will be his downfall. Xavier’s death could lead to the moment where Cyclops comes in and takes charge for the first time.

Chance of death: 80%