Legends of Tomorrow’s Ava Sharpe to return as Season 5 regular


Fans of the Ava Sharpe character should be delighted to find out that the character will return to Legends of Tomorrow for the show’s fifth season. Only this time, it will be in an expanded role as a series regular.

Ava Sharpe made her debut on Legends of Tomorrow back in season 3, played by Jes Macallan. As an agent working for the Time Bureau, she was initially on bad terms with the titular heroes, as she long suspected them of mucking up the timeline. However, as time went on, she would become a close ally to the Legends. She’d especially become friendly with Sara Lance, as the two would subsequently start dating.

Also in due time, Sharpe would wind up being promoted from an agent to the director of the Time Buereau. Similarly, in real life, it seems as though the actress behind the character has been promoted herself.

Originally, after making a few appearances in season 3, Jes Macallan signed on for season 4 as a series regular for a one year deal with The CW. Deadline is now reporting that the actress has signed another one-year deal with the network to return to Legends of Tomorrow as a series regular.

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Truth be told, this should not come as a surprise to anyone. Ava Sharpe has become something of a fan favorite character since joining the show, and her relationship with Sara has been reviewed as a highlight of the series. It makes too much sense not to bring the actress and the character back on board. However, we are just happy to see that The CW has enough sense to give the fans exactly what they want by bringing Sharpe back to the fold for season 5.

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Hopefully, the network will be able to rekindle that same magic for Sharpe that made fans latch onto the character in the first place.