New Mutants could release on Disney Plus and never reach theaters


As the troubling New Mutants film remains in flux, this Fox-created property could release on Disney Plus and never make it to theaters.

While Deadpool 2 was a box office success in 2018, its other Fox-branded films may end this era, before everything goes to Marvel Studios and Disney, on a low note. That’s with X-Men: Dark Phoenix pushed back to the summer and the troubling status of The New Mutants.

On Oct. 23, 2017, Fox released a trailer for The New Mutants. It prepped for an early 2018 release, but that never happened. Neither did the follow-up pushback to February 2019. Obviously, that month passed and no movie aired.

For a while, New Mutants has held an Aug. 2, 2019 release date. However, questions exist if it will ever arrive in theaters, as it could air at yet another later date. That could be on a streaming platform, per The Hollywood Reporter, such as Disney Plus, which was labeled as a “safe bet.”

It would be a surprise for a completed film to never release, no matter how its quality is viewed. Plus, it’s part of the X-Men universe and should draw a few eyes, either way.

However, with the problems The New Mutants has encountered for 16 months, it might not earn enough money at the box office to make a theatrical release worthwhile. Luckily, streaming services exist, and Disney Plus is an intriguing platform for it later this year.

As a film produced before the Disney-Fox movie, though, will it even receive promotion as an anticipated release? Or does it just get thrown onto the streaming platform that’s slated for a late 2019 unveiling?

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Whatever the case may be, The New Mutants is still in limbo. It should release at some point, but who knows when after over one year of adversity.