The Pull List: Comic Books you should read this week (March 6, 2019)


There are a lot of comic books that come out every week, and it can be hard to try to navigate the waters to try to find something new, or for a first-time reader, try to find a good starting point.

For this week’s picks, there are a few great comic books coming to an end, while a couple more are hitting its peak. This is what you should be reading this week:

Credit to Marvel comics and cover artist Esad Ribic

Conan the Barbarian No. 4

Writer: Jason Aaron

Artist: Gerardo Zaffino

Conan the Barbarian has been a major surprise so far and is one of Marvel’s best titles out right now. In the first three issues of Conan the Barbarian, we have taken a look back at Conan’s early adventures where we see where he has been able to escape death many times. Because he has fought and lived for so long, this makes him prime for the Crimson Witch and her children to kidnap and feed to their dark lord. This run is metal, and should definitely be read while listening to Master of Puppets.

Credit to Marvel comics and cover artist Juan Ferreyra

Killmonger No. 5

Writer: Bryan Edward Hill

Artist/CA: Juan Ferreyra

This is the conclusion of the Bryan Edward Hill’s really good mini-series, as he adds his own spin to the legend of Erik Killmonger, and gives us and origin story or sorts. In Killmonger No. 5, we see Killmonger pushed to the edge and on the precipice of becoming,the villain we saw in Black Panther last year. This is definitely a good read, and should help fill in some background story to one of the most interesting villains that have come out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Green Lantern No. 5

Writer: Grant Morrison

Artist/CA: Liam Sharp

When it was announced that Grant Morrison was going to take over the Green Lantern title earlier in 2017, Many fans of this title were excited, and the first five issues have lived up to the hype. In Green Lantern No. 5, we are promised space vampires who want to feast of Hal Jordan who has left the Green Lantern Corps. That sentence should be enough motivation to pick this up this week.

Credit to DC Comics and cover artist Mikel Janin

Batman No. 66

Writer: Tom King

Artist: Jorge Fornes

After taking a two-issue break for the Flash crossover in, “The Price, we return to our regularly scheduled Batman story arc “Nightmares”, where Batman has experienced a bunch drug-induced nightmares, and in Batman No. 66 we will apparently see who’s behind Batman’s current state. After the events of “Cold Days”, the Tom King run has been a little stagnant. After a break where Joshua Williamson took over, I’m hoping we can get back to some good Batman in this issue.

Cemetery Beach No. 7

Writer: Warren Ellis

Artist: Jason Howard

I’m a sucker for an Image mini-series. Cemetery Beach has been one of my favorite reads in the past few months, and I’m sad to see it end. The world writer Warren Ellis and artist Jason Howards have created has been something to admire, so don’t be surprised if this property is eventually turned into a movie or Netflix series. If you haven’t yet, make sure to catch up with the previous six issues of Cemetery Beach to get ready for what will be a great ending to a great series.

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What do you think of Conan the Barbarian so far? What is your favorite Image series or title of all time? Which Marvel villain should get his/her own series next?