Marvel Netflix: 15 best Marvel-Netflix show fight scenes of all-time

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1. Daredevil’s first Hallway Fight Scene

Daredevil Season 1, “Cut Man”

With the life of a kid on the line, Matt went into enemy territory and fought anyone who got in his way. He surprised the first group of goons in a room and made short work of them. That was the only time anything came easy. More guys came after him. Each one with fresh stamina, while Matt was wearing down. But Matt never quit and he rescued the scared child in danger.

Daredevil’s first big challenge

This was the fight that got everyone crazy about hallway fight scenes. This scene  showed the advantage of how someone fighting alone can defeat a group of people at once. Daredevil was just starting out as a hero and he hadn’t gotten the hang of things yet. It was easy to believe that Matt wouldn’t just be running through goons with ease. On top of being new to this, he’s still just a normal human. No unbreakable skin, healing powers, or super strength to get him through. Just decades of training.

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Matt had to use everything from his training as a fighter to his senses. Even then, he almost lost. Matt would get beaten, have to sit for second to catch his breath, and get up again. Since he knew a child’s life was on the line, he kept on fighting. This fight could be the reason that people loved Daredevil as much as they did. He was just a man who’s willing to take a beating. Even if he’s only saving one life.

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