Marvel Netflix: 15 best Marvel-Netflix show fight scenes of all-time

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13. Luke Cage battle and Crispus Attucks

Luke Cage Season 1, “Who’s Gonna Take the Weight?”

Luke Cage had spent his time trying his best not to use his powers. Too bad for him that didn’t last. After Pops’ Barber Shop was shot up, Cage realized that he’d been holding back too long. It was time to listen to Pops when he told Luke, “Never backward, always forward. Always” and use his powers to help the community. Luke’s first stop? Taking out the criminals at the Crispus Attucks building.

It was bad enough that there was crime in Harlem, but to have a base of operations in a building named after a prominent black figure made it worse. Cage put his headphones in and Wu Tang’s “Bring the Ruckus” started playing. Cage rips the door off of an SUV then gets to work. He runs through Cottonmouth’s goons like Ex-Lax. Nothing could stop him as he tossed henchmen and  made his way to their secret room. He came, he saw, and definitely conquered.

Bring the Ruckus!

This fight was important because it was the first time we’ve seen Luke fight for a cause he believed in. This was his big moment for Luke and it was also his first in the series. What made this so special for me was hearing Wu Tang while he was fighting. It gave hip hop fans a sense that the director knew the tone of the show and the character.