Marvel Netflix: 15 best Marvel-Netflix show fight scenes of all-time

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Photo: Marvel’s Daredevil/Patrick Harbron, Netflix Image Acquired from Netflix Media Center

9. Matt versus Stick

Daredevil Season 1, “Stick”

Matt Murdock has a strict no killing code. Regardless of the situation, Matt knows that he can find a way to be victorious without murdering someone. Matt’s mentor Stick doesn’t abide by the same code. Stick killed a kid that was a vessel for a dark entity. Matt wanted to save him until Stick told Matt he killed him by shooting an arrow through the kid’s heart. This set Matt off and the student started fighting his former teacher.

In the beginning, Stick had the upper hand which was not shocking since Stick trained Matt – though the fact that Stick is at least three decades older than Matt did make it a bit more shocking. Eventually, Matt gets the upper hand when he front flips and lands on Stick while Stick had him in a choke-hold. Matt ends the fight and tells Stick to leave the city. Stick leaves with a slight laugh and says, “maybe there’s hope for you yet.”

Student becomes the teacher

It was only a matter of time before their paths collided like this. Matt didn’t become the kind of person Stick wanted him to be. This fight was a heated and hard-hitting fight. Matt was fighting with emotion and it carried him to victory. At the end of the fight, Stick seemed proud of Matt for standing his ground.