Riverdale: 20 most shocking moments during the first three seasons

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Riverdale has had no shortage of shocking moments during its three-season run, but which of them made our jaws drop the most?

It’s safe to say that the sleepy town of Riverdale has experienced some really dark days. In the past two years alone, it has seen one of its wealthiest sons murdered, a killing spree orchestrated by its very own angel of death and a satanic quest to worship an unearthly creature known as the Gargoyle King. Throw in the countless gangs that constantly collide over land, and it’s hard to understand why people are still living there.

Naturally, given that the show isn’t afraid to dabble in darkness, it really doesn’t have to try that hard to shock us. From haunted houses to supernatural board games, Riverdale isn’t Riverdale without a jump scare (or five).

Having said that, which of these shockers took us by surprise the most? Which of them were so unexpected that they made our jaws drop and, perhaps most importantly, which of them stayed with us long after they took place?

With that in mind, let’s take a trip past Sweetwater River, all the way down Memory Lane as we look back at Riverdale‘s most shocking moments.