Avengers: Endgame comic book character highlight: Clint Barton

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

Clint as Ronin and back to Hawkeye

There may not have been a time where Hawkeye was more dangerous. Clint was willing to kill after everything in his world seemed to be gone. Norman Osborn was in charge of the world’s security and leading the Avengers, his Hawkeye persona was violated by Bullseye being dressed up as him, and he was hiding from the law, even though he was a hero. All of this really got to Clint, and he became angry at the world.

Eventually, the Avengers did what they always do and saved the day. Norman Osborn was arrested along with his Dark Avengers, and the renegade Avengers were no longer outlaws. With everything back to normal, Clint retired the Ronin persona and went back to the bow and arrows, becoming Hawkeye again.

Credit: Marvel Comics


Collecting: Hawkeye (2012-2015)

Writer: Matt Fraction

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This may be the best representation of Hawkeye in the comics. In this series, he wasn’t an Avenger. Clint was just a guy trying to protect the people in his building. We see that just because he’s an Avenger, that doesn’t mean he’s invulnerable. Clint spends a lot of time getting his butt-whooped by regular people when he’s outnumbered. At one point, he even loses his hearing. This causes Clint to really question himself and his place as a hero. It’s a great story to see the ups and downs of one of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. As a bonus, this series also has a ton of great moments from Kate Bishop who also goes by Hawkeye.

It’ll be exciting to see Clint take on his alternate persona in the Marvel Cinematic Universe when Avengers: Endgame hits theaters on April 26th.