The Flash shocks with villainous twist in latest season 5 episode


The Flash may have not only moved away from Cicada, but introduced someone just as powerful, if not more, at the end of “Failure is an Orphan.” Spoilers are ahead.

The Flash kept Orlun Dwyer, known as the villainous Cicada, in the spotlight for all of season 5, as Central City’s notorious metahuman killer ravaged everyone and put members of Team Flash in danger. He seemed vulnerable at times, though, with his niece, Grace, in the hospital after the Enlightenment incident in the season 4 finale.

However, as revealed in Tuesday night’s episode, “Failure is an Orphan,” this gave Grace, still in a coma, metahuman powers. That was enough to convince Cicada to stop killing metahumans and take the Cisco and Caitlin-created cure.

Everything twisted from there, though, as another Cicada broke into STAR Labs and killed Dr. Vanessa Ambres, who was trying to get Orlun’s sedated body to safety.

This other Cicada brought Orlun’s body to a remote location and revealed her face to the audience as an older Grace. “I’ve missed you, Uncle Orlun,” said the New Cicada.

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As CBR noted, the Grace version of Cicada was all over the Flash Museum, which Barry and Iris explored in Nora’s memory. While they did indeed stop Orlun, this villainous woman killed 152 people after his demise.

It’s an intriguing plot twist, after the Orlun version of Cicada lingered for 16 episodes. The Flash has never done this late of a villain bait and switch, unlike Arrow, and introducing an older Grace opens questions: What year is she from? How did she return to the present? What’s her connection to Nora? is 2049 Eobard Thawne linked to this?

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The Flash has questions to answer over its final seven episodes of season 5. Along with Team Flash still not learning of Nora’s link to Thawne, there is much to anticipate over the next two months.