Deadly Class season 1, episode 9 review: Kids of the Black Hole


Deadly Class raises the stakes in the penultimate episode.

Deadly Class is a show about, at it’s core, violence. It dresses it up with teenage emotions, and comic book references (which it should, since it was adapted from a comic), and moral lessons teaching you that violence is bad, but in a way that says “sometimes you have to hurt bad people”, which is a tricky philosophical debate that we shan’t get into.

Rick Remender, writer of the comic and executive producer of the show, along with comic artist and co-producer Wes Craig, have done a great job of translating the energy and emotion of the comic onto the small screen, although certain adaptations and storylines have been made which, in a way, detract from the glory of the comic, in this author’s estimation.

Hoedowns, explosives, and The Adolescents give Deadly Class a unique flavor

Last episode, King’s Dominion was on lockdown so that Master Lin could ascertain who was responsible for two students’ deaths; Marcus, under torture, eventually gave up Maria, although Lin chose to lie about it to El Diablo, the father of one of the murdered students. This episode splits focus on the gang’s plan to take out Chester before he destroys their lives, as well as Master Lin’s troubles at home, in which his sister plots to destroy his family.

The second-to-last episode of the season starts out with a musical number involving Chester and his weird, cult-like family, culminating in Shabnam’s father, who is being held prisoner, making a break for it, only to be impaled on a booby trap. Saya takes pictures of all of this and reports back to the gang, who forge ahead with taking out Chester for good. Willie wusses out and bails, questioning whether Marcus has a death wish.

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Deadly Class gets punk, and doesn’t look too much like a poser doing it

The gang decides they need C4 to take on Chester, so they guilt Lex into contacting a supplier. Meanwhile, the animated flashback that occurs in each episode focuses this time on Master Lin himself, and we watch him watch his sister head off to training with The Guild, the group that runs King’s Dominion. Lin tells his wife that his sister knows about her and their daughter being alive, and it is intimated that they might kill her to remain safe.

Back in King’s Dominion, Shabnam records a conversation between Marcus and Maria, and she asks him to spend the night with her before they all fight Chester the next day. He declines, and instead meets up with everyone except Willie, who is driving to LA with his girlfriend, at the punk rock show/C4 purchase. There’s a bunch of talk about what “punk” means, The Adolescents play “Kids of the Black Hole”, which is the episode title, Marcus gets in the pit with Saya and has a great time, and then Saya and he get jiggy, waking up in their underwear in a graveyard the next morning.

Diarrhea can bring any warrior to their knees, even Marcus

Marcus wakes in the graveyard and realizes he’s late to open the comic shop, where Lex was supposed to leave the purchased explosives. Through the magic of montage, Marcus runs there, while contemplating what sleeping with Saya will mean, for him and for Maria. Saya gets stopped by Master Lin at King’s, and he tells her to be at a certain address that night, which happens to be his own. Back at the comic shop, Marcus is having a terrible hangover, and he tries to pass gas towards an annoying customer but something else, much messier, happens. Saya appears to bail on waiting at the address provided by Lin, who has been summoned to a meeting with The Guild. At the meeting, his sister is there with Brandy and Viktor, who appear to have betrayed him, but then they have an awesome fight where they double-cross Mistress Gao, who manages to escape.

Lin rushes home, where he finds El Diablo sitting at the dining table with his wife and child. Gao has told him about Maria killing his son, and he plans to kill Lin’s family in retribution. After a failed attempt at talking him down, Lin and his wife fight El Diablo and his gangsters, but El Diablo gets a clear line of fire and shoots at Lin’s daughter. Sadly, his wife steps in the way, and takes the bullet instead.

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Snatching up his daughter, Lin runs from a hail of bullets, barely escaping. That was dramatic and sad, but was wholly added to the television show, and it could be argued that the whole “secret wife and daughter, AND evil sister” bit didn’t need to be done in the first place. Let us know what you thought in the comments section below.