Amazing Spider-Man No. 17 shows a potential death in the future


Amazing Spider-Man No. 17 shows a possible death that could occur in the future.

The latest issue of Amazing Spider-Man showcases a major death that could occur in the future. Though it is not confirmed if this character will truly die or not, we do have a theory. There will be possible spoilers ahead from earlier issues and maybe future issues so read at your own risk.

In the latest issue of Amazing Spider-Man (Issue 17), while Spidey fights the son of Kraven while his son has a gas released during the battle known as The Mist which shows Spider-Man a future in which Mary Jane seems to be dead. Kraven’s son tells Spidey that the mists aren’t just hallucinations but are visions of the dark future.  After seeing this, Spidey gets defeated and is taken away.

Mary Jane’s death is truly dark especially for Spider-Man since they got back together after a long time. This could be the possible death of Mary Jane Watson. There has been a new villain on the rise since the beginning of Volume 5 of The Amazing Spider-Man. The new villain also seems to know the identity of Spider-Man which means that he knows who Peter’s loved ones are.

In a recent interview of Nick Spencer with Marvel for the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man Issue 24, here is what Nick Spencer said about the mysterious new villain.

"Ever since #1, we’ve been hinting at someone working behind the scenes in Spider-Man’s world. We’ve been very coy — but we’re done being coy. Strap in and get ready to get scared."

Nick Spencer’s statement shows how big of a threat the mysterious villain could be to both Peter Parker and Spider-Man. Could he also be responsible for the death of Mary Jane Watson as Peter saw? But since Peter saw the vision, it could be possible that Peter would be ready and might be able to save Mary Jane. It could be possible that instead of Mary Jane dying, someone else could die or no one would die at all.

The mysterious villain seems to hold a grudge with Peter Parker. He also seems to know Peter pretty well as seen in the image above whereby he calls Peter by the name “Pete” because only Peter’s friends called him Pete.

Since Nick Spencer said that “get ready to get scared”, it could be possible that the mysterious villain is highly responsible for the death of Mary Jane knowing she is one of Peter’s closest and Aunt May is currently dying due to her cancer.

This would be an intense and scary knowing that Mary Jane is going to die and could make Peter go in a different and dark path. Spider-Man already has a lost people (such as Ned Leeds and Flash Thompson) and losing a major loved one could make the comic go dark.

Amazing Spider-Man #17: Kraven’s son and Spidey fighting while Spidey sees Mary Jane’s potential death (Credits: Marvel Comics)

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Since the beginning of Nick Spencer’s The Amazing Spider-Man, the story has always been good and never disappointing. I am really interested in seeing where this story goes and if Mary Jane dies or not. We will just have to wait and see what happens in the future issues of The Amazing Spider-Man. Overall, I really hope she doesn’t die.