Marvel Cinematic Universe: 15 greatest MCU post-credit scenes, ranked

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Photo Credit: Iron Man 3/Marvel Studios

10. Bruce Banner wasn’t paying attention (Iron Man 3) 

You ever have that moment when you’re telling a story and the person you’re telling it too isn’t paying attention?

Well, that’s what Tony Stark felt in the post-credit scene of Iron Man 3 when he was retelling his battle with Aldrich Killian to Bruce Banner, only to find out that Banner was asleep the entire time.

Either that was an incredibly boring story, or Banner suffers from a sleep disorder. We will never know, but it also appeared that Stark didn’t give two-cents about Banner snoozing through his war story.

Why? Because, after he caught Banner napping, he went into another story, which, at this point, Banner dreamed of turning into the Hulk and smashing Stark into the ground.

Didn’t he get the hint the first time?  Listen, I know, there are a bunch of great storytellers out there. Believe me, I’m one of them. But, sometimes a person just isn’t up for a story, especially one that glorifies yourself and no one else.

So do I fault Banner for falling asleep during Stark’s story? Heck no!

Here’s a wise tip out there for those storytellers: If you don’t want people falling asleep during your story, then make sure the story is interesting. The topic could be boring as rocks, but if you make it interesting, people will listen.

No charge for the tip.