The Batman rumored to take place in the 1990s


Holy vintage heaven! Matt Reeves’ The Batman is a period peace predating the current DCEU timeline in a Gotham City set in the 90s

There’s no definitive term to describe the decade that introduced us to the World Wide Web. The 1990s gave us fly slang like dip, word, and of course “wazzup.” The cartoons were plentiful and might I add, off the chain. Batman was a major staple in the ’90s. There was an animated series and two sequels — albeit one was very forgettable. It turns out the Caped Crusader and this decade were meant to be, however.

According to Discussing Film, Matt Reeves plans to take The Batman to a place no other version of this hero has gone before.

"“[The Batman] rewrites include more action into the film with a focus set to be more on Batman’s skills as a detective as the film will centred around a mystery that Batman will have to solve, the film will also be set in the ’90s.”"

Matt Reeves’ The Batman is following in the footsteps of successful films like Captain America, X-Men First Class, and Wonder Woman. Each film took fans on a journey through their respective eras. As a matter of fact, Wonder Woman 84 is doing it again with a film set in, you guessed it, 1984.

Although The Batman is taking place a couple of decades before the current DCEU timeline; don’t expect this to be an origin story. We’ll get to see the world of Gotham set in the 1990s protected by a young Dark Knight. Reports have suggested Batman will come face to face with a plethora of villains.

Which story arc will Reeves adapt? No one knows, but the possibilities are endless, including The Long Halloween. The question is who will play this character in the ’90s?

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We already know that it won’t be Ben Affleck. After all, he publicly stated he’s “not the Batman.” Still, with this film set in the 1990s it begs the question: Could Affleck return as him sometime in the future? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

The Batman glides into theaters Jun. 25, 2021