MCU: 15 Marvel movies that need to happen after Avengers: Endgame

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Credit: 20th Century Fox/Marvel Entertainment; from Deadpool 2 (2018)

4. Domino

Domino popped on the movie scene in Deadpool 2 and was an immediate success. She was every bit as quick-witted as Deadpool and despite not having flashy powers, they worked on-screen.

The movie crew did an amazing job showing what her powers look like without it coming off cheesy. She was also a great fighter who could challenge Cable and destroy any nameless henchman that got in her way. A debate could even be made that she was the best part of the movie. One thing is certain, Zazie Beetz’ version of Domino will remain a must in the next MCU phase.

At the end of Deadpool 2 (it’s been almost a year, so spoilers are OK) Domino mentioned that she was raised in the same orphanage that Rusty was being tortured at. She briefly mentioned that she hated that place for the same reasons. A movie starring Domino cold get into her origin since it was only briefly mentioned in Deadpool 2.

While it would be great to see Deadpool in her movie, he isn’t needed for more than a cameo if that. Zazie Beetz has enough presence to carry this movie all by herself. Also, the character became so popular that people would flock to see it. But, for the love of Odin, keep it rated R.