MCU: 15 Marvel movies that need to happen after Avengers: Endgame

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Credit: Marvel Studios for Marvel’s Black Panther — Letitia Wright as Princess Shuri

15. Shuri and Okoye

Black Panther was a success before it hit the theaters by smashing pre-sale records. It was a bigger hit once it debuted in theaters. One of the best aspects of the movie were the women of Wakanda. They may not have been the stars, but they stole the show. Among those amazing women were Shuri and Okoye. These two even had great moments in Avengers: Infinity War around characters that are larger than life.

Shuri isn’t the fighter that T’Challa or Okoye are, but she made up for it by being a genius. Even then, when it came to getting into the battle, she strapped on her gauntlets and joined the battle for Wakanda. Okoye stole the scene whenever she popped on-screen by being an amazing presence. She was smart, though, and had the best one-liners in Black Panther. She also took no guff from anyone.

This could be the story of how Shuri becomes the Black Panther. He may be a hero, but he still has duties as a king and most likely as an Avenger as time goes on. Someone will have to protect Wakanda. Okoye wouldn’t accept the duties because she has a job to lead the Dora Milaje. Shuri may be hesitant in the movie, but this could be her destiny, especially with Okoye training her to be the next Black Panther.