MCU: 15 Marvel movies that need to happen after Avengers: Endgame

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

9. The Hood

Parker Robbins was a two-bit criminal, and a bad one at that. One fateful day, he acquired (by shooting a demon in the head) a cloak. This cloak gave him powers he could only dream of.

As time went on Parker discovered he could amazing things like turn invisible, shoot energy bullets from his gun, and teleport. Had Parker been more disciplined, he probably could have been more powerful than he realized. This came with a caveat. The cloak made him susceptible to being controlled by Dormammu, one of the most feared beings in any universe. He once tried to take the cloak off and Dormammu hurt him bad. Parker then realized he was stuck with Dormammu and the cloak.

Dormammu was banished from the Earth realm by Dr. Strange in his first MCU movie. We all know that there’s no way that this lasts forever. Bringing in Parker Robbins is the perfect solution to this. Not only do we get to see a real fight between Dormammu and Dr. Strange, but we may also get The Hood as a crime boss. Parker could also be the one who organizes his own group of villains to fight the newer Avengers. In the comics, The Hood was a pain in the butt of Luke Cage’s Avengers. No reason to believe he couldn’t be a problem for Carol Danvers’ Avengers in the future.