The Pull List: Comic books you should read this week (April 10, 2019)

There are a lot of comic books that come out every week, and it can be hard to try to navigate the waters to try to find something new, or for a first time reader, try to find a good starting point.

A week after celebrating his birthday, Batman has another big week in comic books where two big issues of his staples come out on the same week. This what you should be reading this week:

Batman No. 68

Writer: Tom King

Artist: Amanda Conner

Any time the main title comes out, it’s always worth reading … and it’s Batman. After three weeks off, it’s good to have the main Batman title back to read. Specifically, this issue should be the last of the Knightmares storyline, but not before we explore the origin of Batman’s current mental state: his breakup with Catwoman. It’ll be interesting to see how Batman will finally deal with escaping his drugged induced hallucinations.

Credit to DC Comics and cover artist Andre Hennessy

Detective Comics No. 1001

Writer: Peter J. Tomasi

Artist: Brad Walker

There is no rest for the wicked, as Detective Comics hits the ground running after celebrating its 1000th issue two weeks ago, we were teased at a new menace that is going to give Batman a run for his money, The Arkham Knight. Arkham Knight, previously most famous appearance in the video game Batman: Arkham Knight officially made his main continuity debut in issue 1000, will now be the main villain in the iconic comic book series. Really glad they had something bleed out of Detective Comics No. 1000 to give us something to get excited about Detective Comics in the future.


Credit to Marvel comics and cover artist Butch Guice

Invaders No. 4

Writer: Chip Zdarsky

Artist: Carlos Magno

The only Marvel entry this week, Invaders No. 4 makes the list this week in major part to the issue exploring the most underused Marvel character, and perhaps most underused in all of comics, Namor, The the Submariner. Invaders No. 4 will explore, and probably retcon his origin story for more modern time. I will read anything Namor and it truly is a surprise that they don’t use him more often.




Army of Darkness Bubba Hotep No. 3

Writer: Scott Duvall

Artist: Vincenzo Federici

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Every week, I sense a pattern of recommending a book that seem out of the norm, which definitely wasn’t on my radar. This week that book is Army of Darkness: Bubba Ho-Tep No. 3. As many of you are, I’m a big fan of the Evil Dead and Army of Darkness franchise, and wish I had more of that in my life. How can you turn away a book that combines Ash and ’70s era Elvis? You can’t! So you should definitely check this out and catch up by reading the other two issues.