Symbiote Spider-Man No. 1 review


Symbiote Spider-Man No. 1 takes up a new story of Peter Parker and Spider-Man. Here is our review of the story. There are spoilers ahead so read at your own risk!

Symbiote Spider-Man brings a new story in Peter Parker Spider-Man’s life during the time they first acquired the living symbiote. The issue focuses on Peter Parker as his regular self and as Spider-Man. The main villain of the comic is Mysterio, but you cannot truly call him a villain. There is a kind of bad luck that gets him stuck during situations and problems.

The Mistaken Mysterio

Quentin Beck (Mysterio) seems to have a simple goal that most villains have — he wants to get rich. And he has a plan for getting what he wants, but not everything goes according to plan. The writer of the comic, Peter David, tries to make the issue seem simple. Mysterio is seen trying to rob a bank using his tricky gadgets. He gets a woman to do her work by opening the key of the lock to the vault to get all the money he needs.

Unfortunately, a guard survives his tricks and shoots him. Mysterio dodges the bullet, and the bullet hits the woman. The story makes you pity Mysterio. All he wanted was to rob the bank and get out of there without getting anyone killed but things go otherwise. Peter David writes the character of Mysterio in a good way.

The Life of Peter/Spidey

Peter’s life is shown in the issue as well, and it’s truly great to see. Felicia Hardy is currently dating Peter at this time, and she tries to see the Peter Parker side of Spider-Man since she loves mainly the web-slinger. Peter takes Felicia to Uncle Ben’s grave because it’s the anniversary of his death, it makes for a very touching moment. The part featuring Felicia with Aunt May is also well done.

The issue is really good, but there is a scene that doesn’t really seem necessary. The scene where Mysterio lies to Spidey, claiming the girl he killed was his sister (with the fact that Spidey does not know that he killed her) seems a little forced. There’s a chance that Mysterios’ lie will create problems for him if (or when) Spidey finds out.

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Overall, this issue is really good, and can’t be recommended enough. The issue is filled with touching moments, and it also refreshes the times when Stan Lee and Steve Ditko wrote The Amazing Spider-Man.

Score: 9/10