Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger season 2, episode 4 review: Rabbit Hold


Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger’s sophomore season continues, and a lot has happened to Tyrone and Tandy.

So far in the second seasons of Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger, we have seen Tyrone become a sure-enough vigilante, Tandy goes to extreme measures to help a victim of domestic abuse, and the rise of Detective O’Reilly’s vicious counterpart Mayhem.

In “Rabbit Hold,” Thursday night’s most recent episode, even more crazy action has happened to our favorite Yin and Yang crime fighting duo. Tyrone has a touching reunion with his mother because of her life being threatened, Tandy ventures to pull Mayhem out of Tyrone’s cloak (or pocket dimension, however you want to look at it), and everyone is still trying to figure out just what exactly their powers mean.

There has always been an excellent juxtaposition with this show, but on top of Cloak and Dagger, there has been an added flare with Detective O’Reilly and Mayhem. It seems that Tandy, the lighter of the pair, is on track to side with Mayhem’s ideologies, while the darker Tyrone is steadfast in his sense of right and wrong with his support of Detective O’Reilly, which seems to be a recurring theme this season. There have been some really interesting developments in this episode, so let’s dive right in!

Connors and the 300 year old Vampire Nuns

After the mysterious disappearance of Detective Connors, it seems that Tandy and Mayhem have finally found where he has been hiding- the very same dimension where Tyron sent Mayhem. While the mystery of Connor’s whereabouts has been solved, an even bigger mystery has been uncovered.

While Tyrone was telling his mother the colorful story of the 300 year old vampire nuns, Tandy uncovered a giant selection of records, each corresponding to a missing girl in the sex trafficking ring she is hunting down (exemplifying even further the shows use of ironic similarity and juxtaposition).

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However, a horrifying turn of events is when Tandy finds a section of records dedicated to herself. What does this all mean? Will Tandy be abducted? Do these girls being taken have something to do with Tyrone? Now that Connors is out of the dimension he was trapped in, will he try to kill Tyrone? Or will Mayhem get to him first? Hopefully we will find out by the end of the season.

Adina Johnson and Son

As per usual, tonight’s episode was split into two separate stories: Tandy’s trying to get Mayhem back, and Tyron trying to evade both a gang and the law. However, the interesting part of Tyron’s side of the story is that he was accompanied by his mother Adina.

As soon as Tyron arrived back to his old house, it seemed that his mother was trying to hide something from him, likely some shady Roxxon dealings that she is looking into. If that wasn’t enough, she then goes on to prove just how good she is at criminal activity by stealing a car and running from the police.

So, what that means for Adina is that she is not exactly what she seemed to be in the first season, but she can also be very helpful to Tyrone if he is ever in a pinch again. Speaking of pinch, if it was not for Tandy “breaking the rules” in wherever it was Connors was marooned, Tyrone would have been caught and probably killed by the police. Going forward this season, perhaps police evasion will be more prevalent for our protagonists, which would make stopping crime a whole lot harder for everybody.

Questions to Keep in Mind

  • When will Tyrone learn to control his powers?
  • What exactly is the dimension that his powers are linked to?
  • Will Connors getting free divide Tandy and Tyrone (i.e. how to or whether or not to go after him)?
  • What is Adina hiding?
  • Will Mayhem and Detective O’Reilly merge back into one person?
  • What kind of supernatural forces are behind this sex ring?

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Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger airs new episodes Thursday nights at 8:00 p.m. ET on Freeform.