Nabu’s full plan is revealed in Justice League Dark No. 10


With reality crumbling around them at the hands of the Lords of Order, the Justice League Dark can only do one thing, run and try to survive in order to fight another day. Spoilers for Justice League Dark no. 10 follow.

With Nabu and the rest of the Lords of Order attacking Myrra, as seen in Justice League Dark No. 9, more about their plan is revealed in this issue, and it surprisingly comes off a lot nobler than previously shown. It turns out, Nabu wants to destroy the magical realms and magic users, along with the Lords of Order, in order to protect the rest of reality from the Otherkind. This definitely feels like a much more noble plan than Nabu’s betrayal has previously felt like, but his decision to commit to genocide still feels awful, regardless.

And while the series so far has justified Nabu’s new, villainous position in this series well enough, this issue solidifies it. He knows he’s doing wrong, but has an “ends justify the means” mindset and it makes the character more intriguing. James Tynion IV has continually written Nabu well in this series and that’s no different here.

Image by DC Comics/Art by Alvaro Martinez Bueno

As for the attack on Myrra itself, there’s not much to be said other than, it’s destroyed and its attempted evacuation seemingly falls short. There’re several pages in this portion of the issue that absolutely stunning to look at. Alvaro Martinez Bueno does a fantastic job and manages to use the medium of comics to his full advantage in this issue, providing visuals that could really own be seen in comics.

The issue doesn’t end there though, as Zatanna and Wonder Woman are confronting Circe regarding Zatanna’s father. This portion is again, so well written because it effortless combines aspects of established portions of DC mythos with the current story being told in a way that becomes all the more emotional because of the revelations it provides Zatanna.

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Justice League Dark No. 10 is another great, intriguing issue filled with revelations and horrific events occurring around our main characters.