Lucifer season 4 review: Our favorite Devil reigns and shines on Netflix

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Photo: Lucifer/John P. Fleenor, Netflix Image Acquired from Netflix Media Center

We take a deep dive into the fourth season of Lucifer, which is without a doubt the Netflix original series’ best season yet.

Lucifer had everything against it, having lost a home at Fox when it faced cancellation, but even early on when the name and nature of the show itself drew controversy from various groups. Yet, Lucifer managed to flourish. It’s characters and stories resonated with audiences from all over the world, thereby creating one of the most loyal fanbases to ever exist. The Lucifans are a force to be reckoned with and it was because of them that Lucifer was able to return for a fourth season.

For that reason it’s not surprising that Netflix put all of its resources behind the series. One can tell such support instantly. From the show’s cinematography, to the special effects, to the love and care these characters already receive in the writer’s room and from the actors’ performances, everything got an upgrade.

Even season four’s marketing received a notable boost from the streaming service. From digital ads placed all over The Hollywood Reporter and websites alike, to steamy social media content, to long 30-second clips on Pandora and other smartphone apps, all is clear that Netflix wanted Lucifer to thrive. And indeed, it has.

Season four is the series’ best. Undoubtedly, this new season was made exclusively for all the Lucifans that saved the show with the hashtag #SaveLucifer. But it was also made for those viewers that still haven’t tasted the absolute delicacy that is Deckerstar. (Something tells me a significant amount of new Lucifans will arise.)

So, what made season four of Lucifer the series’ best? Certain themes, character arcs and unforgettable moments top the list, with an added dose of memorable episodes. However, not all episodes deserve some praise. So, on that note, let us start our season four review with the only misstep the series took, before we get to the good stuff. Since there’s plenty, plenty of fiery goodness to discuss.