The Pull List: Comic Books you should read this week (May 22, 2019)

There are a lot of comic books that come out every week, and it can be hard to try to navigate the waters to try to find something new, or for a first-time reader, try to find a good starting point.

There is a little bit of everything this week, as IDW, Marvel, Image, and DC all have comic books on this list this week. So if there was ever a week for new reading material, it’s this one.

Thanks to Marvel comics and cover artist Arthur Adams

Marvel Comics Presents No. 5

Writer: Charles Soule, Chris Claremont, More

Artist: Paulo Siqueira, Luke Ross, More

We keep chugging along with Marvel Comics Presents, as we are now making our way to the decade of decadence, the 1980s. It was a super clever idea to use Wolverine as the focal point of our trip down Marvel memory lane, since he would have been the only character to have been able to visit every decade. Joining Wolverine in Marvel Comics Presents No. 5 are Nightcrawler and Venom as we visit Berlin and witness the fall of the Berlin Wall.




Credit to IDW comics and cover artist Alex Cormack

Road of Bones No. 1

Writer: Rich Douek

Artist: Alex Cormack

IDW has the potential of a real winner with the release of Road of Bones. We will follow Roman Morozov as he tries to escape a Siberian Gulag in the early 1950s. Claustrophobia, freezing temperatures and death. How fun! Writer Rick Douek and artist Alex Cormack bring a horror, historical and Russian folklore book to life, and that makes for a unique combination of genres and makes for one of the most exciting and anticipated releases for this week.




Credit to DC comics and cover artist Riley Rossmo

Martian Manhunter No. 5

Writer: Steve Orlando

Artist: Riley Rossmo

Martian Manhunter from Steve Orlando and Riley Rossmo, inexplicably, is a book that not enough people talking about. This retcon of J’onn J’onnz’s life on Mars has put a twist on what we thought of Martian Manhunter. In issue five, we find out that J’onn was not the only survivor from Mars’ apocalypse, as the Martian criminal Charnn has now set his eyes toward earth. This is a good jumping point, but picking up the first four issues of this Maxi-series is highly encouraged.



Credit to Marvel Comics and cover artist Ed McGuinness

Avengers No. 19

Writer: Jason Aaron

Artist: Ed McGuinness

If you are going through War of the Realms withdrawals, don’t fret Avengers  No. 19 is here to help you get through this week. It’ll be an easy transition since Marvel’s busiest writer Jason Aaron writes for both War of the Realms and Avengers. Since Malekith has now taken over the entire world, Avenger’s Mountain is the only stronghold left in the world not being overrun by Dark Elves. We’ll find out if the war will turn the tide in this issue.



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Redneck No. 20

Writer: Donny Cates

Artist: Lisandro Estherren, Dee Cunniffe

Writer Donny Cates, is currently killing it on the Marvel side of things, but that isn’t the only place he is writing for, as his hidden gem Redneck over at Image has been hitting a stride as we now enter its 20th issue. If you are a fan of horror books, Redneck is a book to pick up since it puts a twist on the vampire story and has been a very interesting read for quite some time now. Artists Lisandro Estherren and Dee Cunniffe have put their own style to this book and it would be hard to see anyone else drawing this book.