The life of Jennika Ebbs in TMNT Free Comic Book Day 2019

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So Much Suspense, and All for Free!

The other half of the free comic is a summary of the last two or so years of IDW TMNT continuity. It’s presented as a series of stock art panels from previous issues by virtually every artist who has worked on it, as narrated by Aka (and written by assistant editor Megan Brown). It’s mostly exposition to catch up new readers to what’s been going on, but she manages to capture Aka’s nature pretty well. Aka is kindhearted but also focused on neutrality, in an era where that may no longer cut it.

Image by IDW Publishing

TMNT: Free Comic Book Day 2017 proved to be a very consequential issue for fans. It not only introduced the Dimension X assassin Hakk-R, who would be a recurring villain for the rest of the year, but it served as a prologue to the “Trial of Krang” epic. While this issue is more of an issue No. 93.5 than that, it provides fans with extra pages of action and suspense that they might otherwise not get. With TMNT Universe over, extra material within their huge universe has to go somewhere!

Image by IDW Publishing

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is not only one of IDW’s best comics out there, it is also among their best sellers. Currently, only Transformers, and their Marvel Adventures comics outsell it. Its sales have even rebounded a bit over the last two months, reflecting a small but steady readership. It truly is one of the greatest runs of a franchise comic book that has been produced within the last decade, and it is terrific to see this level of care, as well as publisher dedication, alongside it. It also helps fuel the fire for TMNT No. 94, and the march towards the big 1-0-0!