5 actors who could have been Batman instead of Robert Pattinson

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LONDON, ENGLAND – FEBRUARY 22: A Batman costume from the 2012 Dark Knight Rises film worn by Christian Bale and designed by Lindy Hemming is on display at the DC Comics Exhibition: Dawn Of Super Heroes at the O2 Arena on February 22, 2018 in London, England. The exhibition, which opens on February 23rd, features 45 original costumes, models and props used in DC Comics productions including the Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman films. (Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images)

Is Robert Pattinson the best choice to play Batman?

Fans waited with baited breath to find out who will play the title character in The Batman, and possibly even replace Ben Affleck in the future, and were greeted with reports of Robert Pattinson snagging the part. Surprisingly, a lot of fans have been strongly in favor of this casting, but is that trust misplaced?

Even though Pattinson has somewhat redeemed himself since the utter snoozefest that was the Twilight series, none of the films that he has starred in since that saga of his life have been popular. So even if Robert Pattinson is a good enough actor to play Batman, is he enough of a draw to make people want to find out?

However you may personally feel about a Robert Pattinson Batman movie, there are thousands of upset fans who aren’t for the idea, and this could end up being a huge mistake on the studio’s part. Although what’s done is seemingly done, there is no harm in considering others who could have done the character justice. So here are five actors who may could have also donned the cape and cowl.

1. Armie Hammer

PARK CITY, UT – JANUARY 26: Armie Hammer of ‘Wounds’ attends The IMDb Studio at Acura Festival Village on location at The 2019 Sundance Film Festival – Day 2 on January 26, 2019 in Park City, Utah. (Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for IMDb)

Although most fans want to see Armie Hammer portray Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern, he was actually cast as Batman in the scrapped Justice League: Mortal film, and he may actually be a better fit for Bruce Wayne than any other DC character. Not only does Hammer look a little bit like a younger Ben Affleck, but he also has the giant stature that his Batman needs to possess. In addition, he is actually a year younger than Pattinson. Hammer has the dashing good looks that playboy Bruce Wayne needs to have, as well as a fantastic acting range that lets him slip between a dark antihero and a charming philanthropist. So he truly could have been an excellent Batman if given the chance.