Rogue and Gambit Face the Guilds in Mr. And Mrs. X No. 11

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Rogue First Admitted to Their Fetish in Uncanny Avengers!

Writer Kelly Thompson begins the process of wrapping this run up and tying together all the loose plot threads. While the “space honeymoon” seems more random now, it makes a degree of sense for the guilds to have worked with Mojo to try to eliminate Gambit and Rogue. The subplot with the guilds was one of the strongest ones throughout the book, specifically because it connected to the histories of the related stars — Gambit in particular. Thompson, as displayed by the footnotes by editor Darran Shan, is doing a lot to tie together plot threads going back about five years!

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The highlight of the issue, writing wise, continues to be the banter between the titular leads. Even when the pair are in trouble, Gambit and Rogue always know how to talk to each other and even keep things in context. Furthermore, Thompson has done her best to showcase how marriage is hardly the end of drama or suspense, or even sexiness, for characters. Even in the midst of the crisis, Rogue and Gambit bond a little on some of their shared kinks in between missions.

Image by Marvel Comics