Rogue and Gambit Face the Guilds in Mr. And Mrs. X No. 11

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The End Is Nigh?

Oscar Bazaldua and Frank D’Armata do a strong job on art and colors, respectively. Bazaldua in particular has managed to pencil 10 out of the last 11 issues, which is incredibly impressive for an “ongoing artist” these days. Thompson gives the artist a script with plenty of action, motion, and energy blasts, and he doesn’t disappoint. He even manages to make the gaudy outfits of both Candra and Belladonna look seamless, even if some of the minions seem to blur together. That’s what minions do best!

Image by Marvel Comics

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Marvel Comics rarely announces when a comic book is “officially” canceled, likely out of fear that retailers would cut orders even further. The solicitations for both July and August have been presented, and no 13th issue of Mr. & Mrs. X has been announced for either month. Barring a hiatus, it looks like this is the penultimate issue of the series. Therefore, it is great to see it close out by embellishing the series’ strongest subplot. It’s clear that Thompson has a lot of love for this pair, and it will be worth reading what she brings to their last adventure as newlyweds!