The Pull List: Comic Books you should read this week (May 29, 2019)


There are a lot of comic books that come out every week, and it can be hard to try to navigate the waters to try to find something new, or for a first-time reader, try to find a good starting point.

On this week’s comic books, The Last Knight on Earth finally makes its long-awaited debut, while the more controversial Heroes in Crisis comes to an end.

Credit to Marvel Comics and cover artists Daniel Acuna and Paolo Rivera

Black Panther No. 12

Writer: Ta-Nehisi Coates

Artist: Jen Bartel

Writer Ta-Nehisi Coates has put his very interesting spin on the Black Panther story, having the King of Wakanda in space, as he tries to remember his past on earth. In the first few issues of this arc, T’Challa has been plagued with amnesia, but it look as though the King of the Wakandas will finally remember who he is and try to figure out why he’s in a space Vibranium mine. It will be interesting to see where Coates takes his run.

Doomsday Clock No. 10

Writer: Geoff Johns

Artist: Gary Frank

The series that seems to be crawling to the finish line, Doomsday Clock has now reached the homestretch as it will unveil the connection between Dr. Manhattan and the DC universe. All kidding aside, while it has taken a while to get the story across, Doomsday Clock has been interesting and reading the Watchmen characters is always fun and refreshing. Beautifully drawn by Gary Frank, Doomsday Clock is beautiful to look at. If you haven’t caught up, you’ll have enough time to do so.

Credit to DC Comics and cover artist Clay Mann

Heroes in Crisis No. 9

Writer: Tom King

Artist: Clay Mann

The most controversial mini-series of the year is coming to an end, and we’ll finally found out who was behind the Sanctuary murders.  Whether you have enjoyed or disagreed with Tom King’s take on PTSD in the DC universe, there will be major changes to the main continuity moving forward after Heroes in Crisis, so it would be important to know the basis of those changes. Make sure to check out the final issue, and the eight that preceded it.

Credit to Marvel comics and cover artist Jeff Dekal

Thanos No. 2

Writer: Tini Howard

Artist: Ariel Olivetti

We continue to go down Thanos’ memory lane, as we visit the origin story of how Thanos was to be assassinated by his daughter, Gamora. In issue No. 1 of the series, we did get to see a lot of easter eggs that will hopefully pay off in this mini-series (i,e., the mention of Adam Warlock) and we will hopefully get to see a mention of the Infinity Gauntlet. Make sure to check out issue No. 2 of this intriguing series.

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Batman Last Knight on Earth No.1

Writer: Scott Snyder

Artist: Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion

One of the most anticipated titles of the year, Batman Last Knight on Earth will be the “last” Batman story ever told, as Batman travels through a desolate DC universe in search of answers to his past. The iconic Batman creative team of writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo will take one last stab at the iconic character, as they will write a more mature Batman story on the DC: Black Label line of books. If you read Snyder’s All Star: Batman you know how well he can write a Bat-road trip story, so this is definitely a can’t miss title this week!