When will Jessica Jones season 3 release?


Jessica Jones season 3 finally has its release date as Netflix’s final Marvel series.

Jessica Jones is not the lone survivor of Netflix’s rapid cancellation of Marvel Television series — Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Daredevil and The Punisher — but the last of them to air a series. It already received a season 3 order in early 2018, long before the ax dropped on the other four shows.

The cancellations happened months ago, so the return of Jessica Jones did not receive much online promotion. The once frequently active Twitter account has just two tweets in 2019, one of which was the trailer on Tuesday. It’s the lame duck of Netflix’s Marvel Universe, so attention moves towards The Umbrella Academy or Lucifer, other comic book properties that found success this year.

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So Netflix has one last Marvel release before they officially end this once-promising relationship. Krysten Ritter can tell her last story as the titular character, and the show will wrap up four years of episodes, including the other programs.

It will release on Friday, June 14 at 3:00 a.m. ET and Midnight PT, as Netflix usually places shows. There are 13 episodes to cipher through, so anyone looking for one last dose of this part of Marvel Television can fully embrace what Jessica Jones will offer as it closes the book on a three-season run of crime-solving and a terrifying Big Bad in the original 13 episodes.

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After that, Agents of SHIELD and Cloak and Dagger carries the torch as the Marvel shows available to watch before Disney Plus extends the MCU into a streaming service. So will Jessica Jones end with a memorable chapter?