Chase Stein is a player and a homemaker in Runaways No. 21

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Runaways, Image by Marvel Comics

Get a haul at Haul-Mart in Runaways No. 21.

All of the Runaways, even some of the newer side members, are the offspring of villains and menaces. Chase Stein is no exception. His parents were the resident “mad scientists” of California’s evil cabal, “the Pride.” Unfortunately, their aptitude with science clearly skipped a generation. While Chase has some rudimentary engineering skills, he mostly serves as the team’s mechanic. He lacks any powers or combat skills, and his efforts to use his parents’ gadgets usually leave more to be desired. Even his pet dinosaur, Old Lace, is borrowed.

Yet he certainly fills a role within the Runaways. At best he shares leadership duties with Nico Minoru. Since he works at a junkyard, he may be the breadwinner in terms of the budget. At worst, Chase is the one with the driver’s license who runs most of the errands, because he’s the most “mainstream” looking of the team. It’s in this role that Chase finds himself in their local “Haul Mart,” buying all of the supplies for the team. That includes an entire cart of feminine products, since the only other males on the team are either robots or demigods!

Image by Marvel Comics

Lost in the haze of collecting items from the shopping list and managing his very busy cell phone feed, Chase is nearly oblivious to Van. A part time worker at the mart, she’s doing her best to both provide customer service and give Chase the “come hither” look at the same time. His looks, style, and energetic attempt to gather supplies for a house full of women have sparked her interest. Yet Chase seems ignorant of his inner player, especially since he technically already has a girlfriend. Right?

Image by Marvel Comics