Why “War of the Realms” is a must-read Marvel Comics event

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Image Source: Marvel Digital Comics

Years of preparation

In 2013, Jason Aaron wrote a story called “The God Butcher” in the series Thor: God of Thunder. Later, he wrote a series called “The Accursed.” This was the beginning of Malekith starting what will end in War of the Realms. Then, in Original Sin, Thor became unworthy, which led to Jane Foster becoming Thor, and Malekith chopped Thor’s arm off. All of this led to Thor becoming unlike anything we’ve seen from him. He was depressed, disappointed in himself, doubtful of abilities, and dependent on alcohol. Eventually, Thor stopped feeling sorry for himself and became more proactive. He tried to have the right hammer built for him and did deeds to try to collect Asgardian items that were scattered around the world.

This may seem like a long journey to get here, but it was worth the trek. Everything that happened when Jason Aaron started Thor was leading to this, even “The God Butcher” series. If that didn’t happen, Nick Fury wouldn’t have whispered, “Gorr was right,” which led to Thor becoming unworthy. Jason Aaron took Thor and broke him down until he hit rock bottom, which was a great idea. Every hero needs a definitive story when things look completely bleak, it makes their rise back greater. And it’s not just Thor, either. Jane Foster went from being a side character to having an amazing run as Thor and will be starting a new series as a Valkyrie.