MCU: Current characters will be important villains in the future

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Marvel Studios’ THOR: RAGNAROK..Loki (Tom Hiddleston)..Ph: Teaser Film Frame..©Marvel Studios 2017


If you though we were done with Loki, you were mistaken. Like Hela, a little thing like death isn’t going to stop him from causing mischief. Especially since he’s been one of the most popular character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It also helps that he has a show coming up on Disney Plus. Even if he really did die, Loki is the type of villain that would make a deal with the Devil (or in this case Mephisto) if it meant he would have a chance to come back to life.

Loki has never been a good guy. Even when he was helping Thor, he was only doing so to get what he needed. Getting killed could just be another part of his plan. Actually, he may not be dead at all. He did that trick once in Thor: The Dark World. It would make sense that he would use it again, especially in a fight he knew he had no hope of winning. Loki has an abundance of power at his disposal. We haven’t even seen him use the Norn Stones yet or go at Doctor Strange.

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Giving Loki one more run at the Avengers would be the perfect send-off. He had a hand in creating the Avengers, so now it could be time to send him off properly.