Swamp Thing reportedly had three-season plan set before cancellation


Before Swamp Thing became the first DC Universe show to be canceled, it had big plans ahead for not just the first season.

DC Universe started strong with Titans and Doom Patrol, but has since tapered off with the recent cancellation of Swamp Thing. It was announced after the pilot episode, unusual for a program on a streaming service or cable.

Viewers will have just one season and 10 episodes to soak up the events of Swamp Thing, but there were apparently longer, grander plans for DC Universe’s third live-action series based on DC Comics.

According to Business Insider, there were on-set discussions of a three-season arc for the James Wan-produced show. Plans extended past that, as well, with a spinoff idea for Justice League Dark based on Swamp Thing characters.

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Those plans seem full of potential, taking three seasons of content and spinning it into something greater. It could have laid a stronger foundation for DC Universe, and anything with “Justice League” attached has power, even if not with the typical Batman, Superman or Wonder Woman characters.

Instead, the rug was pulled from under this show, leading to future uncertainty for this streaming service, which has a second Titans season ahead and a Stargirl series ahead. Whether both will face impact remains unknown.

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It is disappointing for anyone anticipating more Swamp Thing, especially with such a swift ax. The show already faced set programs after cutting season 1 from 13 to 10 episodes, but to the point of not lasting further than its inaugural run is startling and not a great look when Marvel content is unleashed on Disney Plus later this year and in 2020. Maybe a turnaround happens before that, but nothing points to that right now.