Batman: 15 greatest Batman movie villains of all time

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Photo Credit: Batman Returns/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc Image Acquired from DC Entertainment PR

Batman has taken on a plethora of villains in the movies over the years. Which ones were the best and what made them great?

The 1989 Batman movie just celebrated its 30 year anniversary. Even after all this time, the film remains a classic. The project got a lot of criticism for casting Michael Keaton as Batman. As we’ve seen, people should have waited for the movie to debut before judging him. Keaton killed his role and became the benchmark of what a character playing Batman and Bruce Wayne should be.

Jack Nicholson’s Joker is looked at the same way. He maintained the Joker’s goofiness, but added a psychotic edge that Cesar Romero (Batman) didn’t have. Ever since then, the role of the comic book villain in a movie has been redefined.

The one thing everyone loves about Batman is that he has some of the best villains in any genre. It’s not just the Joker. Two-Face, Poison Ivy, and Bane all give Batman issues for different reasons.  They have made Batman a more interesting hero since he has to figure out how to defeat them before he starts punching them.

The antagonists in his movies have been some of the best we’ve seen. While some of them have been…let’s say less than good. Here are the best villains in the live action Batman movies. Starting from the worst and ending with the best of them all.

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