The Flash: Carlos Valdes confirms Cisco’s mindset post meta cure

After taking the meta cure in the Season 5 finale of The Flash, Carlos Valdes previews Cisco’s mindset while teasing what’s ahead in Season 6.

One of the biggest threads introduced in the fifth season of The Flash was the development of a metahuman cure which opened the door to several conversations and moral dilemmas. Among the conversations sprung from the cure’s creation was one member of Team Flash’s desire to take the cure, thus stripping him of his abilities in an effort to regain some sense of normalcy in life.

We’re of course referring to STAR Labs’ resident tech genius Cisco Ramon, who decided to hang up his crime-fighting alter ego Vibe as Season 5 came to a close in taking the meta cure. It was a major life-altering decision; however, it’s one he’s quite content with.

“He’s very happy trying and getting the chance to explore his personal life with Kamilla; this is exactly what he wanted. Granted, it took him a long time to get there and there were some bumps in the road to navigate, but he definitely feels that he made the right decision,” The Flash star Carlos Valdes revealed in speaking with press at Comic-Con. “Even though not everybody at STAR Labs necessarily understood his decision necessarily, without a doubt 100% they supported him because that’s what family does.”

Although we’ll have to wait to see just how the likes of Barry and Iris adjust to Cisco’s decision, fans can continue to expect Caitlin to be a strong supporter of her long-time friend.

Not only will Season further the exploration into the duo’s brother and sister like dynamic, but Season 6 will also allow for exploration of Cisco’s dynamic with Caitlin’s icy counterpart, Killer Frost.

“In season five, I really loved that we got a chance to actually explore the limits of [Cisco and Cailtin’s relationship] and how that brother and sister relationship sort of thrives in the presence of stress and conflict,” Valdes commented on getting to delve deeper into Caitlin and Cisco’s relationship in Season 5.

“I really love that because I also love Danielle [Panabaker] as an actress and as a person. Being able to play off of her in those moment was really refreshing and nice,” Valdes continued. “Conversely in season six, so far I’ve gotten to explore a little bit of what his dynamic is with Killer Frost which is a bit different [from the dynamic he shares with Caitlin.]”

For more from our interview with The Flash star Carlos Valdes including his kind words on co-star Tom Cavanagh and reaction to the rumors regarding his future on the series, check out our full interview below:

The Flash will return for its sixth season October 8 at 8/7c only on The CW. 

Are you looking forward to seeing what challenges await Cisco after taking the meta cure in the Season 5 finale? Thoughts on getting to not only further explore Cisco and Caitlin’s relationship, but also his dynamic with Killer Frost? Keep the conversation going in the comments section below.